Save Over 15% With A Designdirect Student Savers AccountSave Over 15% With A Designdirect Student Savers Account

If you study at an accredited College or University you can register to receive an exclusive student discount that will give you extremely competitive prices for top quality products.

To register and start shopping with your student discount right away, simply follow these steps:

Register Here

Register for your account by here and fill in all the relevant details. If you have your student e-mail address handy, pop it in the box at the end of the form to register for student discount. Hit “Register” and a confirmation will appear in your inbox, along with a verification e-mail to your student account if you have registered for discount.


Login Here

If you already have an account, login and start shopping immediately!

*The student discount does not apply to products that are already discounted or on offer. It also does not apply to computer consumables (e.g. cartridges, blank CDs etc) or Pantone guides.*