Portfolios & Display

If you're ready to show off your artwork and designs to the world, you need to ensure they are going to be safe and secure while doing so. Don't leave it up to chance, protect your designs with a range of portfolios, document protection sleeves and lamination equipment from trusted brands.

Carry and Display Artwork in Confidence

Displaying or travelling with precious artwork and designs can be risky business. Therefore it is important for any artist to ensure its safety with the highest quality products from DesignDirect. Our products are made of the toughest heavyweight materials, designed specifically so you can travel with peace of mind. 

Ideal For College and University Students

As a design student you may often be required to carry your artwork and designs around with you all day or display them quickly and easily. With portfolios and artcases in a range of size options from DesignDirect you can do so in comfort and without worrying about them being damaged. With our next day delivery option and 5% lower price guarantee, you can also rest assured you are getting the best deal.

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