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Going to FESPA 2015 Cologne, Germany?

We’d love to say hello!


The market never stands still. We look forward to seeing the latest technology this week at FESPA May 2015 in Köln, Germany…HP has launched its new HP Latex 3100, Latex 3500 presses. With heavy-duty roll handling up to 300 kg (660 lbs) and 10 litre ink supplies, the printer enables more unattended operation such as overnight printing – a new slant on wide format production printing!

Designdirect Supplies has 40 years experience in providing wide format solutions - we are the specialists and looking forward to launching new ranges of media this year!

It’s National Stationery Week!

I love stationery, but I draw the line at rulers!

Did you miss it? 27th April saw the start of National Stationery Week ( ) This annual event is set up by the London Stationery Show ( ), which also supports World Stationery Day on 29th April.

This is not an obscure celebration like National Zipper Day (29th April, FYI)! True, zips are important, but there are always buttons, poppers . . . even Velcro.

When it comes to writing and drawing though, these skills have been a vital part of human history all through its many ages. We really don’t give it a second thought, writing a shopping list, jotting a phone message down or taking the time to write a special card to someone.

When we’re young, writing and using stationery equipment, helps us in developing fine motor skills. As we get older, our writing ability may even be a deciding factor in our success in securing a job!  In fact many areas of employment still require highly detailed hand drawn plans and designs, clearly annotated. Handwritten love letters should never go out of fashion – who’s going to keep a bunch of emails and copies of texts in a keepsake box to re-read when you’re having a tough time, or taking a trip down memory lane?

Technology is a wonderful thing, but the very fact that tablets and PC’s are providing the facility to take handwritten notes or drawings, proves that the keyboard has severe limitations. Hand drawn designs still carry depth and power, that can’t be fully re-created by CAD.

So we urge you, keep improving your handwriting & creativity, dismiss those flimsy free bank pens, throw out your dried out fibre tip markers and your inch long coloured pencils ( and rid yourself of that nasty chipped ruler ( You may have missed National Stationery Week,  but you can always update your stationery with us at any time!!