A3 Printed Drawing Sheets - Trace 112gsm - 1 colour

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We have over forty years experience of providing quality pre-printed drawing sheets on a range of materials.

  • Improve the presentation of your drawings by having your company details and logo pre-printed on the sheet with the design of your choice.
  • Proofs of new sheets will be submitted for your approval before the sheets are printed. You should allow a couple of days to proof and a further 15 working days for production (leadtime can fluctuate based on seasonal demand - if you have a specific date in mind please let us know and we will try to work to this).
  • Please enquire if you require sheets to be printed on alternative materials, padded, punched or any other bespoke request.
  • Standard quantities in A2 112gm Tracing Paper size: 125, 250, 500 & 1000 - all higher quantities are available in run-ons of 1000 sheets.

(NB. Complex artwork, authors amends at proofing stage and punching will all incur extra cost. Sheets will be printed in reverse unless otherwise stated. Allow for a minimum of 12mm margin along long edge.)

Specialist Service for Archaeologists

  • We specialise in producing archaeologists’ pre-printed sheets. Available in any size, these can be printed in more than one colour if required.
  • The combination of a blue graph background grid intersected in black to represent metre squares is a very popular combination with archaeologists.

Call us on 0800 013 2514 or submit quote request (using button below) and we can discuss the best design for you!

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